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About Us

Our Vision

The Ladies Room + Boutique is an upscale Boutique that is proud to have a family of loyal customers who return time and time again for more of their favorites. Founded in 2021, we sell high quality, affordable items that you are sure to love.

Keeping fashion high and cost low, carrying yourself starts on the inside. The Ladies Room has remixed and added a journal and planner to the shopping catalog. They will aid you in finding your purpose, so it matches your style. 

Secrets of the ladies room is a six-month journal designed to help women ready to go to the next level in their lives. Achieving emotional, spiritual, career, and financial goals. This journal aids in helping you to make the necessary decisions about what you are trying to accomplish for yourself. Then it allows  you to put in the work required to get where you are supposed to be. You have this journal because you wanted to do something different. You need to focus and dedicate yourself to achieving your lifetime goals. I know many of us have walked into a ladies' restroom, looked at the lady in the mirror next to us and given a compliment.

Kenya has been ordained by God and wants to ensure you receive the best experience not only in fashion but in your purpose. 

About Us: About Us
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